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Classical Homeopathy

A natural, safe and holistic approach to health and wellbeing

The World Health Organization recognizes Homeopathy as the second most practiced alternative form of medicine worldwide

"Music of the Plants" U1 machine

Hearing plants create music touches people in profound ways that cannot be conveyed in words

The "Music of the Plants" can reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance attitudes and improve air quality.


DAMANHUR’s Eco-village and Sustainable Community, awarded by The United Nations as a model of Sustainable living.

Trip to DAMANHUR, Piedmont Italy

5-days visit

DAMANHUR Mystery School

A journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality,
with a magical and spiritual vision.

DAMANHUR Mystery School

A journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality,
with a magical and spiritual vision.

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About us

We aim to bring you clarity in life.

About Alessandra

Throughout the years, I have been told that I have a natural inclination to help others and am always enthusiastic about sharing the things I love. Becoming a therapist and promoting holistic health and spirituality was — for me — an alignment with my life's purpose.

I have been working in holistic health for over 15 years specializing in a wide range of complementary integrated medicines such as Homeopathy, Energy Healing, Lymphatic Drainage and PEMF. Clear Intentions Inc. was established on the basis of this one notion: deep healing and true alignment in life comes when one is clear and ready to reconnect. With this idea in mind, I personally designed each and every holistic program we offer. The programs combine Classical Homeopathy a natural medicine to support the physical body and Integrated Energy Healing sessions encompassing Reiki, CranioSacral, emotional release and the new Selfic wand.

At Clear Intentions Inc.

We aim to bring you clarity in life. Whether you are suffering from a physical condition, managing a stressful life situation or searching for something greater, Clear Intentions can help you reconnect with your mind and body. We use natural medicines, energy healing, emotional support and teachings from a worldwide of experts on self-help and spirituality. Our holistic and integrated approach supports you through your journey and will help you move forward with confidence and greater clarity.

Classes and seminars opened for me some dimensions of life that I never thought before. I started to feel connected with something larger than just day to day activities.

- Inna D.

our services

Classical Homeopathy

90-minute initial consultation

Follow-up appointment

Lymph Drainage Therapy

60-minute session

Integrated Energy Healing using "Selfica"

75 minute session

Pulsating Electromagnetic
Field Therapy

PEMF 30-minute session

Package of 5 PEMF sessions


Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)


Skin Dream

Metabolic Balance coming soon!


Are specifically designed to enhance your healing process. For optimal results, they are to be used within 2 months from the date of issue.


Clear Intentions brings DAMANHUR workshops and courses to Toronto

Damanhur Mystery School: Spiritual Physics


Damanhur Mystery School: Inner Harmonization


Damanhur Mystery School: Astral Travel


Damanhur Mystery School: Ancient Civilizations and Human History


Damanhur Mystery School: Past Lives


"It's not until days later that I realize how good I feel and recognize that Alessandra's healing has worked its wonders on my chronic conditions"

Linda Alexander

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